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DARPA seeks to shape young minds — GCN.COM

The Defense Department’s research and development agency has started an initiative to increase the number of computer science graduates in the United States. The three-year, $14.2 million dollar program will use a variety of online tools and educational approaches to guide interested middle and high school students into pursuing computer science careers

Researchers Train Computer To Classify Pictures Based On Contents — UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA

At present, computer search and classification of images is made basing on the name of the file, folder or on features as date or size, but the visual information contained was never used for classification purposes. This pioneer technique developed by the University of Granada allows to classify pictures or images depending on whether individuals or specific objects are present in such images

Large study shows females are equal to males in math skills — UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON

The mathematical skills of boys and girls, as well as men and women, are substantially equal, according to a new examination of existing studies in the current online edition of journal Psychological Bulletin.
One portion of the new study looked systematically at 242 articles that assessed the math skills of 1,286,350 people, says chief author Janet Hyde, a professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In both cases, Hyde says, the difference between the two sexes was so close as to be meaningless

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